Archive | May, 2010

Fabric For Your Home – Using Texture and Color To Create Interest

Have you ever looked at a gorgeous room that’s filled with all neutral colors and wondered why it looks so great? The answer to this question is simple – by using texture and different shades of the same color. When you are selecting fabric don’t be afraid to use texture and color as ways to […]

Fabric For Your Home – Putting Patterns Together

Have you ever looked at a home design magazine and wondered how designers pull off the look of putting multiple fabric patterns together in a room? To some people it’s a no brainer- they just have a natural knack for knowing what looks good and works well together. But for most of us it is like […]

Fabric for Your Home – Choosing the Right Fabric Weight for the Job

With all the fabrics out there what is the right choice for my project? How can I be sure I select the proper weight and type of fabric? Selecting the “right” fabric really depends on the end use application and the look you are trying to achieve. Use your hands as well as your eyes […]