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Fabric for Your Home – Fabric Trimmings are the Crowning Touch

What is it that makes a pillow pop or a drape really stand out? Trim shouldn’t be an afterthought; it should be an integral part of your fabric project’s design from the very beginning. Each trim will add to the character of every fabric project which it adorns so it makes the most sense to […]

Fabric for Your Home – Speaking Fabric Lingo

“Look at the beautiful hand and finish this fabric has” What the heck is that designer talking about? Learning fabric terminology is not rocket science and will help you better understand how to communicate what you are looking for. Let’s demystify this terminology and give you the definitions to these fabric terms: Weave – Is […]

Fabric for Your Home – How to Calculate Yardage

Now that you’ve found that perfect fabric you’re ready to place your order or have the fabric shop cut it off the bolt – so how much do you purchase? Ordering enough is key because if you don’t chances are when you go back to get more of your beautiful fabric it may no longer be […]