Archive | September, 2010

Paint Color – Faux Finishing is a Great Alternative to Wallpaper

Do you love the look of texture and pattern on your walls but hate the thought of using wallpaper? Usually when I suggest a faux finish to my clients it’s because I want to add some drama to a boring space. It’s a way to add pizzazz and punch – to make a feature stand […]

Paint Color – Using Color in North, South, East & West Facing Rooms

Why does the same color look great in one room but not necessarily in another? The way a room is orientated and the amount of direct and indirect light it receives can have a big influence on the color choices you make regarding painting the walls. Each exposure has its own set of challenges but […]

Paint Color – Think Outside the Box When Choosing Wall & Trim Color Combos

I’ve always used white or off white trim with my painted walls, what other options do I have? Go beyond the typical and mundane when thinking about what color combo to paint the walls and trim in your home. Everyone is doing white – so why not take a risk and go beyond the norm; you’ll […]

Paint Colors – Creative Ideas for Painting Ceilings and Floors

Why would I paint my ceiling another color besides white? Can I really paint a pattern on my floor? Ceilings and floors – the last frontier, the unknown element, the long forgotten canvas. You name it but the aforementioned analogies could easily describe these areas of your home where we really don’t get creative when […]