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Beautiful Bookcase Arranging

7 Secrets of Beautiful Bookcase Arranging

  I’ll admit it, when I was first starting out as a designer I avoided arranging my client’s bookcases like the plague. This just wasn’t something they taught us in design school! Of course we learned all about balance and symmetry, as well as rhythm and repetition, they just neglected to tell us that these […]

20 Quick and Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Is there really a quick and easy way to add color to your home? Absolutely! As a designer, I use many methods for bringing color into my clients’ home, and most of them can have a big impact for a fairly small cost. The most common way is to change the paint color in a […]

Discover the Power of Color

How do you react to color? Do you love being surrounded by it? Does color make you feel calm, inspired or invigorated? Or does it have the opposite effect? Color can have a profound effect on your life. From your mood to how much you eat, how productive you are to how you rejuvenate your […]

How Science Can Make Your Home More Enjoyable and Beautiful: Part 2 of The Holistic Home Design Series

  What does science have to do with making your house a home? In the second installment in a series about The Holistic Home, we’ll explore the science behind Color Psychology and Design Psychology. Learn how they form the backbone of a holistically designed home that super charges your interior design to support the life […]