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Explore these tips on how to design a beautiful home on a budget

Beautiful Bookcase Arranging

7 Secrets of Beautiful Bookcase Arranging

  I’ll admit it, when I was first starting out as a designer I avoided arranging my client’s bookcases like the plague. This just wasn’t something they taught us in design school! Of course we learned all about balance and symmetry, as well as rhythm and repetition, they just neglected to tell us that these […]

Update your kitchen on a budget

6 Ways to Spruce up Your Kitchen on a Budget

  If you entered an ugly kitchen contest today, would your kitchen win hands down? Okay maybe your kitchen isn’t that bad, but it probably could use a little decorating TLC. In my 30 years as a designer, you could say I have “spruced up” a lot of kitchens. Some of my clients have done […]