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The power of Feng Shui can change your life

How to Apply Feng Shui’s Five Element Theory To Your Home

How can I use the Five Elements to bring harmony to my home? So now that you know what the external representations of the Five Elements are, I’m going to share with you how the Five Element Theory works to create balance in your home. You see, each element has a counterpart that nourishes its […]

Finding the Five Elements of Feng Shui in Your Home

What are the Five Elements of Feng Shui? How can something as simple as a particular color, shape or object create balance in my home? The five Feng Shui elements – Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire – are the main manifestations of Universal Energy… no they are not an American vocal band from the […]

A Feng Shui Perspective: How a Map Can Change your Life

  So how is a map going to help me bring balance into my home and positive change into my life? If you’re wondering just that, read on, grasshopper, as I attempt to enlighten you . . . The Bagua Map (one of the main tools used by Feng Shui Practitioners) is a grid that […]

How Science Can Make Your Home More Enjoyable and Beautiful: Part 2 of The Holistic Home Design Series

  What does science have to do with making your house a home? In the second installment in a series about The Holistic Home, we’ll explore the science behind Color Psychology and Design Psychology. Learn how they form the backbone of a holistically designed home that super charges your interior design to support the life […]