Design Philosophy

You’re thinking of hiring an interior designer, so you may be wondering:

“What is their design style?”                 “What is their design philosophy?”

We get asked this question many times by new clients and our answer is simple . . .

We believe that it’s our job to create a design in whatever style best suits your needs, desires and taste. 

Here’s a great example of how this played out with one of our clients:

“Patty had hired Denyne Designs to create a formal living room, and the focal point was going to be a black baby grand piano. The finishing touch to the room was an area rug that would ground the furniture and piano within the room. Patty was very involved in the project and was so excited to share one day that she had found the perfect rug for the space! When Denyne saw it she thought to herself, oh my God this is not going to work. You see the rug was actually a piano rug – it had black and white keys set on a red background. Did it coordinate 100% with the decor? No, but it’s what Patty wanted and it perfectly reflected her fun loving personality. Denyne gave the rug her blessing and was able to make it work by adding splashes of red and black with the room accessories, and Patty was thrilled with the final result!”

No matter what the item is we’ll make it work because in the long run, when designing a space, it’s all about you and what you like.