Your home should be a place that welcomes you in with open arms at the end of a long day, and that launches you into the world with positive and energized feelings in the morning. So often, we get sucked into the trap of not being aware of how our home makes us feel. The reality is that the environment in which we live can be a huge source of energy, or an energy-zapper.

Here are 10 ways that energy exists in our homes and how you can turn those things that weigh us down on a regular basis into something that sparks light and brings radiance and aliveness!

  1. Past Residual Negative Energy: Painful memories are an unfortunate part of life; but past hurts and things that bring us sorrow, do not need to be included in our everyday. Get rid of the things that you can that bring up negative or unpleasant memories. Then give the space a tidy up by physically cleaning and perform a space-clearing ceremony (try burning sage or using sage essential oil in a diffuser). Breathe in deeply, and exhale as you purge and let go of the mental ties as well.
  2. Color  – Lack of it or too Disturbing: Colors typical invoke predictable moods and feelings from person to person so there are some obvious colors that are steroptypically more agitating such a bright, mismatched, or particular neon-looking colors. However, each person will experience color in a different way and may find any number of colors to be particularly disturbing. The key is to notice how you feel in each room in your home and how you are affected by the colors within. If something is agitating, or does not bring you the feelings you want it to, seek out colors that you love and run with them.
  3. Clutter: We have all become victims of clutter at one time or another. Clutter can cause feelings of overwhelm, disorganization, and surprisingly… even desperation or lack, which then leads to more acquiring of clutter. Clear the clutter and surround yourself only with things that have meaning, positive memories, and make you happy. You will find that less actually is more.
  4. Dust and Dirt: Nothing can be as daunting as a dirty house begging to be cleaned. But nearly nothing is as draining as living in a dirty house. Let your house lift you up by enlivening it with a good tidy up and deep cleaning. Having trouble finding the motivation? Set a timer to tackle the big tasks, crank up your favorite music and dance the dust away!
  5. Lack of Light and Air Flow: In New England, we are lucky during the summer and early fall to be able to open the windows wide and let in some air. During the winter and spring, we are largely left to keeping them shut. But that does not mean that the air needs to stay stale. Allow a decent ceiling fan or air purifier to do the work when the windows need to be shut, and encourage light in with open shades and open concepts! Open the windows whenever you are able and be sure to circulate fresh air and fresh energy through your home.
  6. Furniture Arrangements Clogging Up Traffic: When furniture hinders traffic flow, it also hinders energy flow as well. Let that fresh air you just brought in in Tip #5 flow freely through the home by arranging furniture so that air and foot traffic can move easily through the house. With this one simple tip, you will see an instant shift in the mood and feeling of your home!
  7. Dying Plants, Dried Flower Arrangements: We don’t need to tell you that dead things, well, are not exactly life-inspiring. Remove dead or dying plants and dried flower arrangements and replace them with live plants or silk flowers. It is amazing how much plants can enrich a home with freshness, an experience of life and abundance, and cleaner air quality.
  8. Electromagnetic Frequencies: The more connected we are becoming, the more electronics we tend to obtain and use in our homes on a regular basis. We understand that there is work to do, shows to watch, and cellphones that must be used, but remember to take the time to unplug your devices, and if you can, turn your Wi-Fi off at night. At the very least, ensure there are no electronics in the bedroom and look into ways to reduce the EMF exposure in your home.
  9. Less-than-Friendly Entryway: Have you ever been really excited to go to a party and when you arrive, you are greeted poorly or completely ignored by the host? Your excitement level probably went down quite a few notches, if it didn’t fade altogether. That’s kind of how it feels when you walk into your home and the entryway is not welcoming. Spruce up your entryway! Place seasonal decor on the front porch, make sure there is good lighting, and a welcoming path that leads to the door you wish people to enter through. Read our blog on creating a welcoming entryway and download our guide HERE.
  10. No Place to Call Your Own: This is a subtle, but important one. Every individual that lives within in a home needs space for themselves. As human beings, even if we are very extroverted or social, we need time alone to recharge and reconnect. If that place does not exist for you, it can cause a whole flurry of issues ranging from moderate to severe. Give yourself an instant boost, by setting aside a sacred space all of your own. Even if it is a portion of a bedroom or office that you can spend time alone, be sure that it exists in your home.


Feeling like your home may have some of these energy-draining symptoms and not sure where to begin? Download our quick tip sheet and then give us a call so we can start tackling the things weighing you down in your home together!