Do you love color, but are afraid to commit to a big painting project?

What if there was an easy alternative that would allow you to add color to your home without a long term commitment? 

There are all sorts of reasons to keep your wall color as is. Perhaps the timing is not quite right and you are waiting to tackle a renovation project all at once before you paint, or you have a few colors you know you would like and you can’t quite decide. Perhaps price has you pausing for a bit, or maybe you love the color it is!

No matter what the reason is for not wanting to commit to a change of color, there are still ways to mix it up and have fun with color. 

Here are twenty quick and easy ways to add color to your home that you can do right now. These are our methods for bringing in pops of color that will have a big impact for a fairly small cost and time commitment.

  1. Accent pillows
  2. Lampshades
  3. Area rugs
  4. Candles
  5. Pottery
  6. Silk Flowers
  7. Throw blankets
  8. Slipcovers
  9. Picture frames
  10. Plants and colorful pots
  11. Decorative glassware
  12. Decorative boxes and bins
  13. Towels for your bathroom
  14. Paint an accent wall
  15. Paint the inside of a niche or bookcase in your favorite color
  16. Paint the trim in a room a different color
  17. Paint the ceiling another color than white
  18. An inexpensive pre-made window treatment
  19. Change out the hardware on your cabinets to something fun and colorful
  20. Take a cue from nature – go outside and gather flowers, delicate branches or seasonal vines to place in a vase. Collect colorful stones, pinecones or shells to group together in a bowl

Pick one and give it a try today! You may find that you’ll get addicted to color and want to use it more. You may also find yourself smiling a little bit more each and every day! 


Which idea will you try out in your home?