2021 is just around the corner…

Maybe you’re feeling like it’s time to put all of those projects that have been swirling around in your head into something a little more tangible. Or perhaps you’re considering working with Denyne Designs and you’re ready to start letting the idea percolation on your dream home begin! 

We love helping our clients create Pinterest boards because it gives us an in-depth look at what they like and don’t like, and allows them to add new things to their board when something suits their fancy! 

Have you ever been searching for that design or home decor inspiration that you saw once on the internet and just can’t seem to remember where you even what website you were looking at when you stumbled across it? 

Been there. Done that.

That is one of the many reasons why we can’t get enough of Pinterest for our client’s and our own design inspiration! Pinterest is a search engine where you can share, collect, and organize a catalog of ideas in a beautiful way. 

Here are three reasons why, if you haven’t gotten into Pinterest yet, you should give it a whirl in the coming year: 

It’s user-friendly 

We are designers, not a team of technology wizards, and so we love that Pinterest is super easy-to-use! Our clients love this too! 

It’s not your average social media network 

One of the great things about Pinterest is that you can choose what is private and what is not when creating your boards. You can have zero followers, or thousands, and it doesn’t matter! 

Ideas, ideas, ideas! 

Probably our favorite part about Pinterest is that it’s a place to collect ideas for just about anything from recipes to cute pet sweaters, to home design! You can also find answers to questions, read blogs, and more!

Now that you know why we love it so much, we want to encourage you to get out there and get Pinning! And when you’re ready to have Denyne Designs work with you on your next project, here is how you can easily share everything you have been dreaming up over there on your boards.

How to Share a Pinterest Board

Once you know how to create boards while sharing a pin (also known as an item you’re saving) to Pinterest, you can open boards to people you know so they can contribute links and images to the same topic.

  1. Add a pin to the board you want to share.

  2. Go to your personal drop-down menu (in the upper right-hand corner of Pinterest) and choose “Boards.”

  3. Click the pencil icon or the word word “Edit” at the bottom of the board you want to invite additional users.

  4.  Near the bottom of the edit box, you can add the email address to anyone else you want to invite to the board.

  5. Pinterest will not allow you to invite a person without using his or her email that is affiliated with his or her Pinterest account. Be sure to hit “Invite” so the message is sent to the additional Pinterest user or users.

  6. Once the other Pinterest user or users accept your invitation, you can all share pins to the same board.

 We told you it was easy! Want to learn more about how we use Pinterest in helping our clients design their spaces? Connect with us HERE and tell us more about your project!