Clutter is a drain on your energy and on the peaceful vibe that you’d love to have in your home. So how do you control clutter and develop a system so it won’t return? It’s all about being organized and having the systems in place to deal with things as they arise.

Here are 5 Quick Tips to Help You Control Clutter Chaos and some links to products that will help you pull it all together.

  1. Too many clothes cluttering up your closet? Start the season by turning all your hangers around so the open end faces the front, and when you wear an item put the hanger back as you normally would. At the end of the season look at every piece of clothing whose hanger isn’t turned around and ask yourself “What are the chances that I’ll really wear this again?” If you haven’t worn it over an entire season then you most likely won’t wear it again.  Add this item to the “donation box” and before you know it your closet will have some breathing room and you’ll only have clothing in your wardrobe that you love to wear!


  1. Old magazines cluttering up your coffee table? Go through them and tear out pages you need and recycle the rest. Organize these pages in clear plastic pockets, sort by category & place in a 3 ring binder. 


  1. Utilize unused space on the back of your cabinet doors! These are bonus storage places that go unused. Install door organizers, shallow shelves or hooks. These are just a few ways that can help you take advantage of this under-utilized area.


  1. How many junk drawers do you use? Clean out one drawer per night during commercials while you’re watching TV. Make 4 piles: to keep, toss, donate or sell, relocate. Put back only the items you’re keeping needed and use a drawer organizer to keep it neat and tidy. 


  1. Keep bathroom chaos controlled! Get a different colored shower basket for each of your children that will store their personal toiletries to be kept in their room. No more shelves overflowing with bottles, no more fights over “she’s using my shampoo!” And no more “How come there’s no toothpaste?” This makes everyone responsible for their own basket. It’s easy to clean and easy to tote to the bathroom – chaos and clutter will be controlled.

Don’t try to tackle too much at once; it’s the best way to get frustrated and end up not doing anything. 

Decide on one specific area in the room that you will address and then apply the following SPACE formula created by Julie Morgenstern highlighted in her book Organizing from the Inside Out. I’ve found using this system is the best way to tackle any tough organizing project: 

  • Sort: Handle each item, group like items together
  • Purge: Keep, toss, or donate items
  • Assign a home: Decide on where each item will live
  • Containerize: Use appropriately sized, labeled containers or storage units
  • Equalize: Take time each day to return used items to their home

When clearing out if you have items to donate, please think of others who may benefit from your no longer needed possessions. Many organizations will gladly take your donations to distribute to those in need. We all think about larger agencies like The Epilepsy Foundation and The Salvation Army, but there are many local agencies that can really use your donated goods: The Wish Project in Lowell, MA and Household Goods Ministries in Acton, MA will take furniture and household goods. The Liberty House for Veterans in Manchester, NH is always looking for clothing. 


If you feel your house is really not that cluttered, but maybe the energy feels stagnant, how about performing a space clearing ceremony? It’s simple and easy to do. Download your copy of a “How to Perform a Space Clearing Ceremony” by filling out the form below!

Additional resources for home organization items to help control your clutter: and