Summers are all about exciting getaways and often… vacations! This summer we realize though, might be a little bit different for you. We think that with just a few simple tweaks, your home can provide you with that whisked away feeling that you are seeking, without having to travel to get it! 

So, unpack your bags, and check out these five tips: 


  • Tackle Clutter – We shared with you in our last blog. about ways to keep your home organized and clutter-free. Eliminating the clutter in your home is your passport to relaxation. Get started by removing shoes from piling up in the entryways, stacks of paper, hampers full of dirty or unfolded laundry and anything that is visible to the eye that causes you stress. Pay special attention to the bedroom. If it’s doubling up as your office space right now, consider moving all work-related items out of the room and setting up with soft romantic touches like candles or extra throw pillows. Make sure the lighting is soft and that the elements in the room provoke a sense of peace and calm. 
  • Create Your Outdoor Oasis – Some of the highlights of being on vacation are those long dinners eaten outside or chatting late into the evening sitting beside a fire pit, or lounging in a hammock or comfy chair. Focus your attention on where you and your family feel relaxed and enjoy gathering and give it a spruce up. Fix any broken outdoor furniture, build a firepit, get cozy in an outdoor hammock hung in a shady spot. Perhaps put an umbrella and outdoor table up near the grilling area so everyone can enjoy family time while cooking outside. Maybe a private reading nook outside is more your speed. Whatever it is, take time to think about what pieces can make it feel more like an escape from planting beautiful flowers, to having the right outdoor drinkware, to hanging up a porch swing. 
  • Change it Up for the Season! If you really want to make your home feel like a getaway, take into consideration the change of seasons and change things out accordingly. Try a new couch slipcover with a light, airy feel, or add summery bright throw cushions to your existing couch. Change out the curtains to favor fabrics like linen or natural cotton. Pick out a new throw rug that brings a new accent into the home. 
  • Open the Windows! You know that easy-breezy spa-like feeling you have when you’re at a resort? You can have that in your home by simply inviting the breeze in! If it’s way too hot, make sure that you have appropriate air conditioning or fans. Try to avoid noisy cooling devices, but make sure the room is comfortable and temperature-appropriate with as much outdoor air coming in as possible. 
  • Try New Things – Lastly, we want to encourage you to act like you’re on vacation. Even while at home this can be done by trying new games together, breaking out of your “norm” by taking walks before or after dinner, or spontaneously taking a trip to dip into the local lake or pool. If you have a pool, spend the day outside by it, walk around wearing your bathing suit! Have drinks at 5 o’clock every night, make special meals and new recipes that you’ve always been dying to try your hand at, order takeout and support a local business while enjoying the luxury of dining in and relaxing. Kick up your feet and relax. 


The key is truly to ask yourself what things you LOVE about a vacation? Is it the special little soaps in the bathroom or the mint on your pillow each night? Is it freshly laundered, white fluffy towels? We all have the traditional items and luxuries we savor when going on a vacation. This is the opportunity to treat yourself! To the fragrant lotions you love, to the bouquet of flowers that you may otherwise not see the occasion for. It’s all about surrounding yourself with the things that make you feel pampered, do something extra special just for YOU that gives your home that getaway feel you crave. 


We hope you try out some of these tips and start the process of transforming your home into a staycation retreat. Just be warned… you may never want to leave 😉