At Denyne Designs, we always try to look on the bright side! We know this has been a year of uncertainty, an entirely new normal, and unpredictability at every turn. 

We are here to put a positive spin on spending more time at home this holiday season and show you how you can make it more special, connect deeply with your loved ones, and maybe even end up having one of your best holiday seasons ever! 

Here are Five Ways to Make Staying Home for the Holidays More Special: 

1. Think Outside the Box

We’re not just talking about the presents here, but think of this as an opportunity to redesign your holiday the way that you want it to be! You and your family get to create the experience that you want! You can stay home and make the house cozy and full of laughter! You can start the holiday season NOW if you want and have something to look forward to each and every day as you count down. You get to deck those halls anyway that you want – get creative and make this one a holiday to remember. 

2. Enjoy Less Stress

Let’s face it, while spending the holidays at parties, and traveling to and fro can be fun, it can also be exhausting and it can feel like a lot of pressure! This year, gift yourself with the treat of enjoying far less stress, and a break from participating in all the things. If you’re hankering for a dance party and a festive feel, host a Christmas party at home for just your family and give each family member a job from DJ to caterer! 

3. Decorate and Cue the Music!

Just because you may not be having company does not mean you should skip out on the decorations, the lights, the candles, and the music! Choose your favorite holiday music, light some candles at the table, and carry the ambiance through the season as you prepare meals, eat together, and enjoy a whole lot of coziness! 

4. Cook Something New 

Try your hand at something new this year! It doesn’t need to fit the theme of Thanksgiving, or Christmas, you can make anything you want! Bring in other members of the family to help out and make it a fun and engaging activity to cook together. 

5. Move More and Take Good Care of Yourself All Season Long 

Use this holiday season as the one that you have fewer regrets about what you eat and drink. This is an opportunity to stay in a routine, make new routines, and break out of the sugar cycle that you might fall into every year from Thanksgiving onward.

Happy Holidays! A whole lot less New Year’s Resolutions await!