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Discover Untapped Storage Spaces Hidden in Your Home

I’m sure we all could use a little more storage space in our home, especially if you live in a small space or an older home where closets are non-existent. So where do you find it? It could be right under your nose and you don’t even know [...]

Discover Untapped Storage Spaces Hidden in Your Home2020-04-21T11:19:41-04:00

Making a Big Impact in the Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank

Is your bathroom in desperate need of a makeover, but your bank account says, “No way!” Spending on bathroom remodeling projects was estimated to exceed 14.7 billion dollars yearly.  Are you going to be part of that spending group?  Maybe you don’t have 20K lying around to remodel [...]

Making a Big Impact in the Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank2020-04-21T11:03:17-04:00

The Real Reason I Became a Holistic Designer

This is the story of the first home I ever owned, and how the nightmare ‘70s décor made me depressed and hopeless… until I discovered how I could change my whole life by improving my home’s interior. Keep reading until the end to get a FREE gift [...]

The Real Reason I Became a Holistic Designer2020-06-17T17:31:59-04:00

Open for Business and Calming Tips

How is everyone fairing out there? Here at Denyne Designs, we are playing it safe, doing our part, and practicing social distancing by sheltering in place. We are still meeting with our clients virtually through Zoom and FaceTime and have adapted to an interesting new way of operating [...]

Open for Business and Calming Tips2020-03-26T19:18:08-04:00

If These Walls Could Talk

Ever wonder what interior designers really do? What does an interior remodel project really look like from start to finish? What happens when you hit a wall (pun intended) or a snag along the way?   In this blog, we are sharing some of the behind-the-scenes of an [...]

If These Walls Could Talk2020-03-23T15:30:16-04:00

20 Ways to Use Color

Do you love color, but are afraid to commit to a big painting project? What if there was an easy alternative that would allow you to add color to your home without a long term commitment?  There are all sorts of reasons to keep your wall color as [...]

20 Ways to Use Color2020-02-27T10:51:50-05:00
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