Is the room where your guests sleep a multipurpose space that’s crammed with clutter, crafts, sports equipment or maybe even your home office? 

Do you wish it could be a retreat so sweet that they would be singing your praises for years to come? 

O.K.  I admit it I don’t’ really have a true guest bedroom in my home – there just isn’t space for one.  Right now the only “free” room in my home is taken up by my office and it’s filled with product samples, bookcases loaded with reference material, etc.  . . . you get the picture.  But if I had a spare room, a space all to itself that I could turn into the ultimate guest retreat what would it look like, how would it feel? 

I would want my guests to feel like they are staying in a hotel; to feel pampered and be able to relax in a space that is luxurious and restful at the same time. So how do you create that ultimate retreat? Here are some decorating tips on what to include in your ultimate guest bedroom: 

  1. First think about where your guests will sleep. At the minimum a permanent full size bed is ideal but if you just don’t have the room then consider a daybed or even a sofa bed with a really comfortable mattress. 
  2. Storage for their personal items is another important item to include in the room. Think about using a dresser, or a wardrobe cabinet, a chest or even a table that has storage baskets underneath where they can place their clothes. 
  3. A nightstand or small table placed next to the bed is a must. Make sure to include space for a table lamp and a small decorative dish or basket to collect their personal items. A covered tumbler with a glass is a nice touch too. 
  4. Think neutral soothing colors for your guest bedroom. What colors may be appealing to you might not necessarily appeal to your guests. Bring in a splash of color thru the accents in your guest bedroom to give it a shot of your own personality. 
  5. If there is space include a comfy chair so they can have a place to sit other than the bed. To read a book, place their clothes on, or work on their laptop. Place a floor lamp next to or behind the chair for appropriate task lighting. 
  6. Think luxurious when you are selecting bedding for your guests. Select sheets with a high thread count; those made out of Egyptian cotton or bamboo are really soft against the skin. Soft luxurious blankets, fluffy comforters and multiple pillows of different firmness will make your guest feel pampered. 
  7. Place a set of soft towels in a large basket on the floor. Tuck in some decorative soaps along with travel size samples of shampoo, toothpaste and body lotion so your guests have everything they need and won’t feel like they have to bother you for toiletry items they may have forgotten. 
  8. Finally think about what you’d want to have in a guest room if it where you who were staying there . . . a couple of good books? a small radio, a television maybe? The space can include anything that you think is appropriate for the guests you are going to host. 

Now that you have created the ultimate oasis for your guest bedroom, it’s times to tackle another room in your house. Stay tuned for next week’s blog in the bedroom series: Your Teen’s Bedroom! I will show you how to create one you can love.