Is your child bugging you to redecorate their room? 

Do they want something more reflective of their current taste and style? 

Just like you or I your child wants to have a space they can call their own, a retreat that reflects their unique personality. Depending on what age they are finding out how they envision their “special space” could be as easy as just asking or it could be more of an undercover investigation. 

If your child is a teen or tween then they probably have a really good idea of how they want their bedroom to look and feel; how realistically this can be achieved may be a different story.  By having a conversation with your child and asking direct questions you should be able to figure out what’s important to them to have in their space: 

  • Do they want privacy? 
  • What kind of technology? 
  • What colors do they like? 
  • Do they want a comfy place to hang out alone or with friends? 
  • Do they need a space to do their homework? 
  • What about a place to store clothes, collections, sports equipment or books? 
  • Is their room a space to explore their unique talents or interests – whether it’s music, art, writing, reading, etc.? 
  • How will they express their individuality – thru images, photos, objects? 

Now that you’ve found out what’s important talk to them about what is realistic within your budget and within the constraints of the space. Investing in key pieces like good quality furniture and window treatments which will grow with your child for years to come is a good idea. But think outside of the box when it comes to decorating kids rooms – adding those touches that will make it uniquely their own can be as off the wall or as conservative as you want them to be:  

  • Using paint and wall decals is a great way to add personality at little cost and can be easily changed as your child changes.  
  • Purchasing low cost colorful bedding is another way to add pizzazz to the space on a low budget. 
  • Fun & funky lamps, chairs, throw pillows, fuzzy rugs and colorful storage boxes are all ways to jazz up a space at a low cost. 
  • Creating a large memo board where they can easily display photos, art, mementos is an easy project that you can do together. Purchase a piece of dense foam board and cover it with some colorful fabric by wrapping the edges & securing it on the backside with a staple gun. Purchase some fun push pins & viola a great looking way to display all that is important to them in the moment. 

However you approach re-decorating your child’s room it’s important for them to feel they are part of the process so that the final outcome is a space they are proud of. Remember it’s their room for now and it can easily be changed back to whatever you want it to be once they have moved on – so let them have fun and express their unique sense of self! 

Working with your teen to create the bedroom of their dreams can be fulfilling and rewarding. Now that you have helped them, let’s move on to creating your own Master Bedroom Retreat! Find out how in my next blog…