Mirrors can work magic in your home if they are used the right way! They are a designer’s best friend as a well-placed mirror can expand a small space, make the most of a room’s natural light, create a focal point and add pizzazz to your decor. 

Here are some of our best tips for using mirrors in a magical way!

  • Create a focal point with a statement mirror – An oversized mirror can visually expand a space. Put thought into what you want to be reflected in the mirror and make sure it’s pleasing to the eye. When a mirror reflects a window, it bounces light throughout the room and can be the perfect companion to soft colors and textures elsewhere in the design.
  • A mirror used in your entryway can make the space feel larger and reflect energy out into the room. A good rule of thumb is to not place it directly in line with the doorway.

  • A mirror is a great alternative to framed art – Choose mirrors that have a similar shape and color, then group various sizes together to create harmony and repetition in design. Alternatively, you can use different shapes that have a common theme, tying everything together with similar colors or shades.

  • Go big and go bold with a colorful mirror frame – Take the accent color of your room and bring it into the frame of the mirror. This is a way to add a pop of color and a design statement at little cost.
  • A mirror can add pizzazz to closet doors – We love adding mirrors to closet doors to make a room feel larger while providing function. Just remember not to place a mirror directly across from your bed for Feng Shui purposes.