Have you ever heard a designer use the term “focal point”? I am sure you have! It’s one of the terms in design we are all probably familiar with. It’s also one that many of us struggle to create. Don’t worry, we are here to help you put emphasis by creating a focal point or feature in the room that the eye is drawn to first. This is also usually where most of the elements of the room are centered around.

Having a focal point creates unity and order into a space. If a room is lacking a focal point, it can seem dull and visually-boring. In contrast, too much emphasis i.e. two or more competing focal points, can create visual chaos and make individuals feel uneasy in the space.

Here are several ways to create a focal point in your room: 

  • A gorgeous view, an architectural feature, or a fireplace make for simple and natural choices to be a room’s focal point. 
  • Don’t have any of the above? It’s time to “create” a focal point! Here’s how: 
    • Use an individual piece of art 
    • Group photos, prints, or a collection rather than just one piece of art
    • Select a beautiful, eye-catching piece of furniture to play the star of the show in the room
    • Paint an accent well a different color from the rest of the room 
  • Another common choice is a large screen television (we know the guys are probably dancing a jig reading this). As it becomes more common to place televisions over fireplaces in family rooms, the dilemma is solved by having both on one wall.

Here’s a link to our Houzz Ideabook showing some of our favorite focal points