Is there an element in your home that you are always a little embarrassed about when you have company? Something you have always wanted to sort of have the eye brush over quickly by de-emphasizing it?  Maybe it’s a much-needed update on your home “to do” list that has yet to be a top budgetary priority. Here are a few easy and inexpensive tips to take an unwanted element from claiming the stage and stealing the spotlight: 

  • Create a focal point by playing up an alternative feature. Enhancing an already attractive element such as a fireplace, mantle, or windows will minimize unwanted attention elsewhere in the room. Make a mantle more creative by pulling in the color theme and elements from the rest of the room. Spruce up a window with a breathtaking window treatment, and add cushions to a cozy window seat to make it an inviting focal point complemented by an outdoor view.


  • Use paint for a quick fix. For example, exposed piping, ductwork and radiators can become less noticeable when painted the same color as the adjacent walls, ceiling or floor. Alternatively, painting with a decorative theme (i.e. foliage) or a contrasting color can tie the element into the décor of the room. You can also paint an accent wall a different but complementary color, to direct the eyes away from the unwanted area. 


  • Use an attractive privacy screen or drapery for concealment. By doing so, you will also add texture and invite color into the space as well as bring in another canvas to feature your uniqueness and character. 


  • Use cost-effective rugs to conceal dated or worn flooring. High performance indoor/outdoor area rugs come in many beautiful colors and patterns, are easily affordable, and can be used nearly anywhere in your home! The bonus is an easier time keeping them clean! 


  • Invite flowering plants and greenery in and bring a breath of life into your room while concealing something unsightly. Careful placement of plants can make even you forget that the blemish exists!

  • The placement of unique pieces of art, furniture, mirrors, and other standard decor items can be just the fix you are looking for when it comes to making your unwanted features all but disappear. Experiment with what you like and focus on bringing in more of that, rather than focusing on what you don’t like. Create a good vibe and ambiance in the room, and chances are your space will glow and shine despite any little quirks and needed fixes. 

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