I’m sure we all could use a little more storage space in our home, especially if you live in a small space or an older home where closets are non-existent. So where do you find it?

It could be right under your nose and you don’t even know it. We are talking about those places in your home that are currently being underutilized, ignored or undiscovered. So if your kitchen cupboards are bursting at the seams, or your bathroom is a toiletry disaster waiting to happen, take heart, there is help! Let’s explore and discover untapped storage spaces hidden in your home!

Can there really be untapped storage space in your home? 

You may be thinking, “There is no way I can store anything else any more creatively than I do now!” 

Wanna bet?

One of the biggest trends in the 1990’s involved smart, space-efficient organization in storage throughout the house whether it was in the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, closet, garage or the basement. Now 30+ years later home organization and storage has become a multi-billion dollar business. If you’ve ever walked into any of the retail giant “The Container Store” locations you have an idea of what I am talking about.

This week let’s investigate two of my favorite rooms in your home and find where you could possibly find untapped storage in these areas. 

The Kitchen:

  1. Organize the inside of your cabinets with specialty storage items. Companies like Rev-a-shelf, Knape and Vogt, and Hafele (to name a few) are masters at maximizing every inch of cabinet storage space.
  2. Discover usable space in obvious areas
  • The space under your sink can hold a pull-out trash bin and a cleaning supply organizing rack.
  • Place hooks and racks on backsplashes and a kitchen wrap organizer on the back of closet doors.
  • Under wall cabinet areas can be beneficial for hanging wine glasses, storing cookbooks, mounting spice racks or how about a touchless paper towel dispenser?
  • The toe kick areas in your cabinets are a gold mine of untapped space. A qualified finish carpenter can help you make the most out of this bonus space.

    3. Keep your fridge organized with
    Glasslock Storage Containers. These clear containers with snap gasket seals are amazing. Not only will you be able to see what is in your fridge, but also food will last for weeks in these containers. They also stack pretty well in the cupboards too.

The Bathroom:

  1. Get creative with towel storage! This is a pet peeve of mine, not only in how to store them, but where to hang them up!
  2. Corral and organize similar toiletries and medicines into individual baskets. By doing this your shelves and vanity cabinet interiors will be much more organized and also things will be easy to find! 
  3. One of our all-time favorites is a free-standing storage piece. If you have room this has got to be the best way to dress up a bathroom and gain bonus storage at the same time. You can snag one of these from many places, including Pottery Barn. Target, IKEA and Wayfair just to name a few. You can also get creative by looking for the perfect piece in your local consignment store, and refinishing it to match your taste and style. 

I’ve only scratched the surface in these two rooms, where you can find untapped storage. Don’t stop here; there are so many other options in your closets, drawers, under stairs, and don’t even get me started on furniture that pulls double duty. The possibilities are endless if you think outside of the box and use a little ingenuity. 

If you want to tap into my 30+ years of design experience and speak with me about exploring how to maximize the storage space in your home, I would love to chat with you! Schedule a Design Discovery Session and let’s begin to uncover the hidden potential in your home today. Email Me!