2021 is Just Around the Corner!

Here are FOUR of Our Predictions for the New Year: 

1. Self- Improvement

We predict that people will continue to embrace and focus on more self-improvement as many have gained “pandemic pounds” and want to start the year off and make 2021 a better year (not like we are setting the bar high here 🤣) We predict even with a COVID vaccine on its way, that gyms and yoga studios will continue to offer a variety of online routines as more people find they prefer to work out and meditate at home rather than at a facility.  We are also hoping that more people will embrace outdoor pursuits, finding outlets that keep them healthy in the great outdoors.

2. For the Ladies

We predict that hair and makeup will be a bigger focus for 2021 as we try new things (yes, that purple streak in my hair falls into this category). Whether it’s subtle or more obvious, wanting to change up your look and try something new, even if it’s only applying a vibrant eye shadow, will allow us to show our creativity and make changes to our look. Even if it’s only over a Zoom call!

3. Home Trends

We predict that more backyard and deck projects will unfold as home enthusiasts continue to enjoy the safety of their homes, while simultaneously increasing their resale values.

4. Clothing 

Now, we know we’re not writers at Vogue here but much like 2020, we think 2021 is going to be all about comfort, comfort, and more comfort! Formal work attire might be put to rest for a bit longer (yay!) and will be replaced by business casual with high-quality and a smart look. Think supple leather shoes, belts, and purses, wool, cashmere, linens, and lots of accessories!!

What about you? What do you predict for 2021?