As we reflect upon the past year here at Denyne Designs, our hearts are overflowing with gratitude and thanks for all of our clients, our family, and those whom we work with each and every day to make dreams come true and impact the lives of those around us. 

Here is what we are most thankful for this year: 

Our Fabulous Clients 

It is because of each and every one of our clients that Denyne Designs is the success that it is today. For trusting us with your dreams and visions, to spreading the word about the work we are doing, to creating relationships that will last a lifetime. We are so thankful for each and every one of you who choose us! 

Our Amazing Team 

Our small team consists of Denyne, Paula, and Sandy. We may be a tiny team, but we are powerful and mighty and together, we are doing great things! We are so thankful for the perseverance, commitment, and diligence that each and every one of our team brings forth every day. It is a joy and honor to work together and we hope it continues for years to come. 

Our Contractors 

Without the dedication of our hard-working contractors, we would not be able to bring our client’s visions to life and into fruition. We are so grateful for the high-quality work of those who we partner with and help to provide outstanding service to our clients on a regular basis. 

Our Families 

As we have mentioned in the past, being an Interior Designer can mean a lot of long hours, days on the road, and a busy schedule. We are so grateful to our families for taking this journey with us and understanding and supporting as we do the work we love. We appreciate your constant affection, and your gentle admonitions when you see us needing to take much-needed breaks and time outs, and then filling us with the energy we need to get back to work! 

We are also grateful for the opportunity to have partnered with Building on Hope this year, as we worked together to design and renovate the Nashua PAL Creative Play Center. 

This has been the opportunity of a lifetime and we love giving back to our community and the youth of our future in this way! 

What are you most grateful for as you reflect during this holiday season?