We love sharing past projects, current projects, before, after, and during photos but we thought it might be helpful to hear the experience from a homeowner who we worked with to paint a clear picture of what you can expect when you hire Denyne Designs. 

Here is the story of a very happy homeowner whose dream of a new Master Bath came true, beyond what she could even have imagined!


Tell Us About How You Feel About Your New Space 

Each and every morning, when I get out of the shower, I say to myself, “I cannot believe this is in our house.” The few that have seen it in person so far were blown away. Their fingers were drawn to touch all of the surfaces and experience the textures for themselves. They were fascinated with the cool fixtures, towel warmer and wifi-controlled underfloor heat. 

Our family and friends who have been limited to FaceTime and Zoom tours, always say comments like, “You ONLY see these bathrooms in luxury hotels or cruise ships!”


Why Did You Choose Denyne Designs? 

We chose Denyne for a few reasons. First, her website was incredibly helpful, educational, informative, and gave us a fantastic overview of her approach. The website made me feel comfortable in reaching out. I also loved the ability to start with a form and email, followed up by a phone call, as I tend to begin online in making sure something is the right fit. 

The follow up was smooth and not at all pushy or aggressive. Denyne worked around my schedule and used methods of communication that I prefer – a few calls, but mainly texting and emailing which helps me work around my crazy meeting schedule. I LOVED not having to hop on a phone call all the time when a text or email was sufficient; Denyne really understood and respected that.

The other thing that led me to choose Denyne Designs was the rave reviews everywhere – Houzz, Facebook, Google, and Yelp. They were awesome and consistent across the board which solidified my desire to find out what she could do for us.


What Was the Experience of Working with Denyne Designs? 

Once we started working together, there was an immediate sense that we were in good hands with both Denyne and her colleague, Paula. We knew this from the moment the project was underway. They intently listened to our wish lists, helped us understand where our “want to haves” would and would not fit into our budget, and brainstormed alternatives when needed. Suffice it to say, we hemmed and hawed over certain decisions, yet Denyne and her team were patient the whole way through! 

The project took a little longer than expected but every time a piece of the work was completed, we were SO happy with what we saw, we thought it couldn’t get any better! And each time… it did! 

We are SO proud of this house now, even with all the other things on our list to fix and improve, this bathroom has made the world of difference! To have our little house be so comfortable, luxurious, and comforting (have I mentioned the amazing shower and GIANT bathtub!?), especially during a time we are all spending so much time at home together, is priceless.