How is everyone fairing out there?

Here at Denyne Designs, we are playing it safe, doing our part, and practicing social distancing by sheltering in place.
We are still meeting with our clients virtually through Zoom and FaceTime and have adapted to an interesting new way of operating to digital tools to best serve our clients even despite the circumstances.

Here are some answers to some questions we are being asked by our clients most frequently:

Can we measure without the Denyne Designs team present? Yes! We have been teaching our clients and giving tips on measuring even when we can’t physically be there.

Are companies still manufacturing? Yes! We are experiencing delays and longer lead times in materials and manufacturing but since we try to source local and U.S. -made products, we (gratefully) have not been as affected as those overseas.

Should we put off our design projects? No! We believe there is no time like the present! Start engaging in the design process, dreaming big, and getting plans in place so when this all blows over you’re readier than ever to start those renovation projects.

Lastly, please remember to continue supporting your local businesses as they are the backbone of our country. You can support local businesses by: purchasing gift cards to use later, support local restaurants by taking them on their takeout and delivery options, and checking with your most-frequented businesses to see if they offer any additional options during this time.

How Are We Keeping Calm, Carrying On (and Staying Sane) at Denyne Designs?

Denyne’s tips for staying calm:
– Develop a morning routine and stick with it. It’s a great way to start the day, help you be more grounded and centered for what’s to come and gives a sense of normalcy to the beginning of every day.

– Carve out “you” time. When can you sneak in a little time for yourself? Denyne gets up at 5 o’clock each day to make time for exercise, stretching, warm water with lemon, and meditation and journaling.

– Find out what gives you energy and brings you joy and incorporate it into each day so you have the juice to keep going, even on the most hectic of days.

Paula’s tried and true routine for comforting and grounding herself:
– She starts her day with “me time” to ease into her day; a cup of coffee in hand, spending a few minutes listening to an audiobook or working on her latest knitting project

– She makes sure to move her body with Yoga and Pilates. This is a great form of active meditation and helps to work out kinks from sleeping while getting the blood flowing and charging her up for the day

– Making a to-do list for the day and completing a few small chores around the house is especially powerful to help feel that you’re making your world a little more beautiful and starting out on a positive note, having achieved something right from the get-go!

Share yours with us! What new routines, habits, and rituals are getting you through this potentially stressful time?