Our Process

When Denyne Designs opened their doors for business in 2003, they brought a unique perspective, and process, to the table not found in many interior design firms today.

Denyne Sanville Founder Denyne Designs Home Interiors

Our founder, Denyne Sanville, was initiated into the design world at a young age by growing up in a family that built and remodeled luxury residential homes.

It is this unique life experience that gives Denyne a deep understanding of how construction and design are an integral part of each other; you could say she can speak to both worlds – construction and design.  She has also built and remodeled several homes of her own, so she understands first-hand the stress and challenges a home remodeling project can impart.
The philosophy Denyne Designs embraces
on every client project is simple:


We understand that you lead a busy life, so we believe the design process should be

easy and stress free every step of the way. As your partner in design, we take care of

everything from conception thru completion. From working with you to create your

unique vision to delivering consistent quality products, workmanship, and the

highest level of service, you deserve nothing but the best.


Our 8-Step Interior Design Process

Interior Design Process Step 1 Denyne Designs Home Interiors

Exploration Consultation

Let’s explore the possibilities and review what you are thinking about for your project. During this consultation we’ll:

  • Clarify what isn’t working, discuss your wish list & how you want your home to look and feel

  • Evaluate your home from a fresh perspective & explore the possibilities for the space you’d like to remodel

  • Discuss your budget, timeline and requirements for the project

  • Decide on next steps to move the project forward

Interior Design Process Step 2 Denyne Designs Home Interiors

Dream & Define

In this step we use many of the tools in our toolbox to help you discover and define what your heart longs for in your new space. This is our favorite part of the system – it’s where we get to play, dream and have fun.

Interior Design Process Step 3 Denyne Designs Home Interiors

Analyze & Document

This is where we explore and go deep, looking at specific areas to see what is currently working and what isn’t in your home. During this step we thoroughly document the existing space through pictures and detailed dimensions to create a 3D model and visual file for your project.

Interior Design Process Step 4 Denyne Designs Home Interiors

Concept & Inspiration

This step is everything you’ve seen on HGTV: a floor plan and 3D model are created, plus we hand-select material options to show you the unique vision we have for your project. Using tools like our CAD modeling, your design is presented in stunning full color 3D which allows us to fine tune it before one item is purchased and one hammer is lifted.

Interior Design Process Step 5 Denyne Designs Home Interiors

Fine Tune

During this phase we fine tune the design so the plan and material schematics become fixed. We are also obtaining quotes for project materials and installation costs to create a final budget and timeline for the project. 

Interior Design Process Step 6 Denyne Designs Home Interiors

Project Documentation & Specifications

All final project documents are created and material selections are approved in this phase. Blueprint plans, project specifications, material proposals and project timelines are finalized so materials can be ordered and workmen can be scheduled.

Interior Design Process Step 7 Denyne Designs Home Interiors

Ordering & Implementation

This is where everything comes to life. Working closely with vendors and workmen, we order and implement everything in a systematic way to keep the project on time and on budget. During the project installation we are your eyes and ears on the job site, acting as your advocate on a daily basis to ensure your design is completed exactly as we envisioned it.

Interior Design Process Step 8 Denyne Designs Home Interiors

Follow Up

This last step is one of the most important, because it is where the rubber meets the road. Our goal is for you to be thrilled with the outcome of the design we have created, and it is in these final details where our dedication to customer service shines through.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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