Did you know that the way you decorate your bedroom can actually improve the romance in your relationship? 

It may sound crazy, but it’s true!

Your environment affects how you feel in the space. So if your bedroom is designed to help you feel more relaxed and sensual, you can’t help but feel more amorous toward your partner. 

When the space is not welcoming, or it feels cluttered and chaotic, the flames of the romantic fire starts to wane a bit… turn up the heat, and use these tips on designing a master bedroom that inspires feelings of love and romance: 

  1. Declutter: Nothing is more distracting and can put a damper on arousal than a room that is full of stuff. These items can also hold negative connotations that don’t align with the mood and feelings you wish to have. 
  2. Clear Out the Electronics: Cellphones, TV’s, computers, even unsightly alarm clocks…these items are distracting and can create unneeded noise.  If you are one of those people that simply must have a TV in their room, conceal it behind doors, a curtain, folding screen, etc.
  3. Picture Perfect: Display several pictures of you and your partner, including your favorite shots from when you started dating, first fell in love, or went on an adventure together. Keep the family photos and cute puppies for somewhere else in the home and keep the Master bedroom focused on you and your relationship.
  4.  Flowers: Place a bouquet of flowers by your bedside like Roses or an Orchid. Another idea is to float a Gardenia in a bowl of water for a beautiful smell and relaxing feel. 
  5. Set the Mood with Lighting: Use soft light bulbs or groupings of candles to help turn down the lights and set the mood in the room. 
  6. Choose warm bedroom colors when picking paint colors and bedding for the room. For choices that will help to enhance the natural skin colors glow, try soft warm shades of caramel, apricot or deep rose. 
  7. Add a touch of red or deep pink to bring in colors of romance into the Master bedroom 
  8. Hang a piece of art that is sensual in nature, or bring in a statue that evokes feelings of sexuality. 

Perhaps our biggest tip is that you keep the bedroom designated as an area for sleep and connection with your partner. Keep work, chores, and the concerns of the day-to-day out of the bedroom to set the tone and allow for maximum romance in your Master bedroom.