Knowing your style can be a huge help! As designers, we like to think that your style is so much more than just a couple of throw rugs and pillows, it is a reflection of your personality and what makes you unique. On our social media recently, we featured the designer’s version of the 12 Days of Christmas and brought in the 12 Styles of Christmas to learn about these popular styles and some tips on each. We have a special gift waiting for you at the end. 

Get ready to embrace your unique style! 


Transitional style marries classic, traditional looks with contemporary style. It embraces both a preferences for the old, with an openness to new ideas and concepts without gravitating towards extremes.  It makes a great style for a couple who finds themselves drawn to different design tastes and preferences, and it works well with a coastal or farmhouse style. Are any of these up your alley? Sophisticated furniture, serene hues, updated classics, less-is-more attitude towards accessories, and a little luxury like marble, quartz, and plush rugs? Your style might be transitional! Click here to learn more about the transitional style.


If you love getting in on trends and staying up to date with what’s hot and what’s not, you might have a propensity towards the contemporary style. The contemporary style new and current; but that’s not it’s only claim to fame! Contemporary, is the polar opposite of traditional and leaves room for interpretation and creativity with it’s negative space, strong shapes, and clean lines. Stepping out and being a little bold is key in contemporary! Learn some of the keys to the contemporary style and how to use it here.


Do you nod your head to the past while still keeping your finger on the pulse of the modern world? You might just love the midcentury style, which pays tribute to the classics with attention to strong shapes, clean lines, iconic designs and the graphic arts. Just because it’s rooted in the past, doesn’t mean it needs to feel like a period piece! Modern, Industrial, and Scandinavian styles make great partners for this clean, uncluttered look, embracing natural wood, graphic patterns, organic shapes, and iconic furnishings from midcentury designers. If you think this is where your design passions like, check out these tips for decorating in Midcentury style. 


Farmhouse style features simplicity of regional, rural architecture while embracing modern comforts. It’s inviting, down-to-earth, and a look that is both rustic, practical, and easy to live with. There are so many interpretations of this style, as each region has its own twist on farmhouse, but at its core, farmhouse style favors function over form. Do you ooh and ahh when you see sliding barn doors in a dining room? Do you love the simplicity of functional furniture? Drawn to natural and historic colors of wheat, sage green, and robin’s egg blue? You might be a farmhouse fanatic! Check out this Houzz guide for tips on how to work with Farmhouse style at its finest. 


If you love the outdoors so much, you have to have it indoors as well… you might want to read on. The rustic style is inspired by all of those hiking trails you love, mountains you love to ski down and rivers that transport you as you explore. The rustic style is a raw, unadulterated look with exposed wood beams, brick and stone, which is then warmed up with big, cozy furniture and comfy textiles. Think snuggling by the fire after a long day of adventure. The rustic style is inspired by the past but can make a good coupling with some many other styles, even contemporary with a bit more emphasis on streamlining. If you want to run for the hills, love natural hues, rough-hewn woods, and all things leather but cozy… you definitely want to check out these tips for incorporating the rustic style into your home. 


Have you always dreamed of living in a loft apartment or converted industrial space? Even if you don’t have the luxury of living in an old mill building, factory, or warehouse, don’t despair, the industrial style can be adapted to fit fit wherever you live! While you may think of industrial style as utilitarian or gritty, it’s actually a style that looks to bring beauty and creativity into raw materials and open spaces. Industrial fans will love salvaged items used as decor, plenty of wide-open space, exposed materials like concrete, brick, and steel, and a neutral color palette. Is this speaking your language? Check out this link for ideas on how to make the industrial style work for you in your home. 


Just like the region it’s named after, this style is cool, breezy, rich, and warm conjuring up the visions of sunshine glinting across sparkling water. Dark beams of wood are featured, rich textiles take the stage, and intricate tilework comes to life in the Mediterranean style of decor. Learn more about the Mediterranean style and how you can bring these vibes into your home here.


Wide, open spaces. Clean lines, bold graphic patterns. Move over stodgy, and welcome in the cozy. Scandinavian style comes from the northern countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway and has a distinct aesthetic featuring simplicity, minimalism, light, and natural elements. Mix it up by bringing in the old and the new, splay a light color palette throughout your home, and get that clean and clutter-free look you have always wanted with the Scandinavian style. Read more about the Scandinavian style here (also great for the fans of “hygge”).


Attention all beachcombers… while it may not be the season to get out your surfboard or swim trunks, this style brings the cool, breezy, casual vibes of the beach in all year round. This style is inspired by an oceanic palette and natural materials found by the sea. Ample light, slipcovered furniture, woven accents, and of course… colors of blue, turquoise, green, sand, and white make for an indoor getaway every day. Of course, you don’t have to live by the beach to make this style your own, it’s all about embracing the mood of the coast, bringing in bare wood floors, whitewashed surfaces, and materials like seagrass, jute, wicker, rattan, linen, and cotton. If this sounds like something you can kick back and relax with in your home, check out these tips for decorating with a Coastal style.


The 12 Styles of Christmas would not be complete without one that allowed in a little bit of everything… Enter the eclectic style. A look that brings in pieces from various styles and eras in a fully personalized, curated, and intentional way. Does something appeal to you from almost every one of the styles? Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’re having an identity crisis! It means you might have a love for the eclectic look! Blend past, present, even future and all your favorites of each with a style that is full of endless options. Mismatched furniture, layered textiles, and a confident color palette make up this fun and completely unique look. Get your guide to decorating with an eclectic flair here.

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Now we want to know… what’s your favorite style? What designs and decor makes your heart sing when you see it? 

The time you spend at home is precious and your space should mirror that. Our intention is to help you to discover what lights you up inside, and show you how to bring some of these elements into your home so you can start each day from a place that feels right. From that space, you can go out and accomplish some of your biggest dreams and achieve your most ambitious goals.

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