This is the story of the first home I ever owned, and how the nightmare ‘70s décor made me depressed and hopeless… until I discovered how I could change my whole life by improving my home’s interior. Keep reading until the end to get a FREE gift from me to you! 

In 1996, I had just given birth to my second child—18 months to the day after the first one. My husband and I had spent every penny of our savings to put the deposit on our first home, a vintage ’70s fixer-upper, complete with harvest gold appliances, cheap, dark wood paneling, and floral wallpaper—a different pattern in every room, of course, and every one of them highly unappealing to the eye.

To top things off, the house had horrible shag carpeting in almost every room that was making us physically sick. My newborn and I both had terrible allergies until we ripped up the carpet and hauled it out. We didn’t have money for new flooring, so for almost two years we lived with just the underlying plywood. 

Picture this for a moment: two babies crawling around on old plywood. Needless to say, I was constantly on splinter patrol.

I felt like I should have been happy because I finally had a stable roof over my head. My husband was working two jobs just to cover the mortgage. He was usually gone from 6am – midnight. His being gone everyday only made things worse because it left me stuck alone all day with our two babies, sinking deeper and deeper into post-partum depression.

 I had a house, yes. But I did not have a home. Conversely, my house was sucking the life out of me and I honestly didn’t think I was going to survive. It was then, living in my nightmare house that I realized there was a real connection between my home environment and my well-being, both physical and psychological. I needed more than a roof over my head; I needed a haven. Something that nurtured me and filled me up every day so I could gain energy rather than drain energy. 

I was desperate to make a change, any change, that would make me feel good. I knew I didn’t have a lot of time or money but I needed to do something!

Once of the first things I discovered was I needed to identify the areas in my home that were affecting me and rate them by priority of what would make the biggest impact on my well-being right now. This was a HUGE step for helping me move past overwhelm and focus on what elements in my home I could address, with the time and budget I had at the moment.

I’d like to share with you the quiz I came up that helped me begin to take the baby steps towards the home I have today. While the action steps were small, they were definitely doable, and the immediate change in my well-being was noticeable, which motivated me to do more! The best part was I quickly realized that this assessment could easily be duplicated in each room. This 3 step formula that will help you get a clear vision of what you don’t like about your home, what the #1 priority is that you should focus on RIGHT NOW and how to create a game plan for the future.

Click below to get the quiz and learn my three easy steps to loving your home! 

How do you feel in your home? Does it bring you life or does it feel that it’s sucking a bit too much out of you? I would love to hear your story! Email us here or comment below to share it with us!