The countdown to Halloween is ON, and we are getting in the spirit of the season over here! There are a lot of TRICKS out there that have been long-believed as truth when it comes to home design. We are here to give you the TREAT of debunking four we hear all the time so you don’t have to feel spooked when it comes down to making some of these big decisions in your own home!

  1. Trick or Treat? A Well-Designed Interior is a “Luxury”

TRICK! Contrary to what was once thought of only as an extravagance for the wealthy, we now know that having a well-thought out home that reflects your tastes and preferences contributes to our psychological and physical well-being. Now, more than ever, we are finding that our homes affect our moods, attitudes, stress levels, productivity levels, and more! So the question is, can you afford not to pay attention to the design of your home?

  1. Trick or Treat? More is Better

TRICK! It’s true! Having less in a space can actually be soothing and calming. Likewise, having a room with a lot of pattern, color, and decorative objects can interfere with our mind’s ability to unwind and destress. Allow your space some breathing room in the furnishings, on horizontal surfaces (i.e. bookshelves, tabletops, and coffee tables) and on the walls. It goes a long way in soothing your mindset and lets your design feature that which is most important and essential to YOU!

  1. Trick or Treat? Designers Don’t Use Your Design Style

You guessed it, TRICK! We have heard stories of designers who only work within a certain design aesthetic. At Denyne Designs, we believe that a good designer is an equally good listener. Everyone has their own personal style that is waiting to come out! Good interior designers are masters at deeply listening to what their clients want and need from their homes functionally, as well as how they want to feel when they are in it.

  1. Trick or Treat? Certain Colors are “No-No’s”

TRICK! We are, admittedly, a little obsessed with color over here! We love hearing what our clients love and do not love about colors. When it comes to good design, there are no “off-limits” colors. While trends and forecasts offer a basis and a recommendation, we believe that the best color scheme is one YOU identify with personally. These are colors that enhance your mood and make you happy! A good designer can help bring this out of you and then expertly combine patterns, colors, and textures to create a beautiful design – whatever the color palette is!

Good design involves a balance in order for it to come together and work. A good designer is one who can take your desires, preferences, and style and weave it into a cohesive look that works for YOU, your family, and your home. They can expose the many tricks out there for what they are so that every time you come home, it’s a TREAT. Just as it should be.