Do you have the same things above your fireplace that you had ten years ago? When you look at this all-important focal point does it make you smile or yawn? It’s time to take action and make some inexpensive changes that will turn your mantle from a space that’s blah and boring to one that’s polished and full of pizzazz! Here are 8 great decorating ideas to try TODAY!

  1. Pull the colors for your mantle accessories from a painting – this will tie everything together.
  2. Use ceramic or colored glass vases of different shapes and sizes on one side balanced by layering framed mirrors of
    different sizes on the opposite side. Pull the two sides together by repeating the color of the vases with one small
    element on the mirrored side. You could really use any items in a grouping on the mantle as long as they are similar in
    theme and have a color that repeats somewhere in each piece.
  3. Place a low long ceramic/glass tray of some kind below a painting or mirror & fill it with fruit, potpourri, ceramic balls, rattan balls, etc. in colors that compliment the painting.
  4. You can make a small painting appear larger by creating a faux matte & frame around it. Paint a wall area behind the
    painting larger than the actual frame itself to create a “matte” then frame in the matte with a decorative molding painted in a similar tone to the actual painting’s frame.
  5. Use a mixture of glass candle bases and metal candle bases in different shapes and sizes on each side of the painting. Small topiaries mixed in can add some interest too.
  6. Buy a piece of mirror that is slightly narrower than the mantle. Purchase a fairly decorative mirror molding and paint it in
    a tone picks up an accent color in the room or compliments the woodwork to frame the mirror stock. You can then drill
    thru the mirror and mount the painting to it OR use the mirror as a backdrop for family photos (black and white photos
    would look great) framed in different shapes and sizes – but keep the frame color consistent thru ought. Mix in some
    colored ceramic or glass vases and maybe fill one or two with real or silk flowers.
  7. If you don’t want to use a painting as your centerpiece, you could always find four pictures that you really like. Have
    them blown up (again black and white would be cool) and framed in standard size frames then group them together in a
    square on the wall. Standard frames are nice but IKEA has some really cool, contemporary Plexiglas frames that make the
    photo appear like it’s floating on the wall (they’re pretty inexpensive too). This in itself would be enough as you really
    wouldn’t need anything else on the mantle.
  8. You can do the same thing with mirrors or stretched canvas artwork in a similar theme.

When decorating a mantle here are some important design tips:

  • It’s important to vary the materials, sizes and textures to keep things interesting but repeat colors to keep the
    look consistent
  • Layering is important
  • Asymmetrical arrangement is more interesting if colorful items are used
  • Make sure the items on the mantle are substantial enough to be appreciated from across the room – small
    items will get lost on a mantle

Have we inspired you to take action and make some change to your fireplace mantle? Get started today to create a look that is totally your own; it will make you smile every time you look at your fireplace!